Lex’s newest luxury car badge, Lexmark 2, was released this week, and it’s priced at $20.

That’s more than double the price of the new Lexmark 3, which costs $25.

Lexmark, which has a brand new Lexis brand, will be available in four color options — gold, silver, blue and red.

(See what we’re talking about here.)

It will be manufactured in China, but there are plans to make it in the United States, too.

The badge, which is currently available only on the Lexus website, will cost $2,200.

That will get you a black Lexmark badge with the Lexmark name on it, but a white Lexmark logo badge, along with a red Lexmark hoodie and blue-and-red leather-trimmed jeans.

The red badge will have the Lex mark stamped on it.

The white badge will be gold with the word Lexmark on it and will be $200.

The blue badge will cost the same, but will have a red logo.

Both are $1,000.

A few other options are $250 and $500, but those are the only ones available.

(We’ve included the prices for all of the options below, including both the blue and the red badges.

) All Lexis badges cost $50, but the Lexis 2 is the only one that’s only $25, making it an excellent deal.

But if you’re looking for a Lexmark replacement for $20, you should probably be thinking about a new Lex car badge instead.

It will also be a great way to show your Lex in a way that’s a little more subtle.

The Lexmark2 will come with a $25 sticker, which comes in handy if you want to get it painted in a style that doesn’t have a lot of red accents.

Lexis will also sell you a $1 Lexmark sticker for $10.

Lex’s other new badge, the Lexicon badge, is only $20 and is designed to make your Lex more interesting, even if it’s still pretty basic.

It’s not very fancy, but it’s also not expensive either.

There’s also a $20 sticker for each of the Lexicons four colors, and there are two $25 stickers for each Lexicon.

(One of these will be the Lex Mark 2 badge, while the other will be an optional Lexmark blue badge.)

The Lexicon, which was originally released in 2013, is designed for use on the car itself and is meant to look like a Lex.

It features two black accents on the sides and the bottom of the badge, a yellow-and white stripe on the front, a white center stripe and the Lex brand’s name.

It comes with a silver Lexmark emblem and a $5 Lexmark plaque.

(Lex’s logo is also included.)

The $2 Lexmark will also have a silver logo and a black sticker.

Lex has not announced any plans to add more Lexmark stickers to the lineup.

The $5 sticker for the Lexmarks new Lexicon will cost you $1.25.

There will also now be a $2 sticker for both the Lexmarked 2 and Lexmarked 3.

(The Lexmark 4 will have Lexmark’s logo on it.)

All of these Lexmark prices will be subject to change.

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