We’ve all been told to wash them off before the season starts, and it’s easy to do.

But that doesn’t always work, and a new study suggests it can lead to a worse-than-average return on investment for your new soccer balls.

The research, published online Monday by the journal Sports Science, found that when you simply use a clean cloth and water to wash your soccer balls, you could save more than $3,000 in the long run.

In the study, researchers looked at the impact of washing your new balls in water and cleaning them with a mild detergent.

They found that the amount of time they spent in the water and soap was roughly equal to the amount they spent on washing the balls in the first place.

The study was funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

It was conducted with a small group of athletes.

“There is a large body of research suggesting that using a gentle detergent reduces the risk of injury,” study lead author David L. Siegel, an assistant professor at the University of Maryland, told CBS News.

The researchers used a test that measures the chemical makeup of a water solution and found that using the water with a “non-staining” soap made a significant difference. “

The study also found that washing the ball with a gentle soap made the difference.

“If you put a stain on the football, you’d have a total of about 0,1 percent.” “

In the presence of non-staining soap, the total amount of soap was about 0.5 percent,” Siegel said.

“If you put a stain on the football, you’d have a total of about 0,1 percent.”

The study did not analyze how often the footballs were washed.

The new study is just one of a series of studies looking at the effect of washing soccer balls with a detergent before the start of the season, Siegel added.

Other studies have looked at cleaning soccer balls in warm water before the kickoff of the NFL season.

These studies found that if you washed your balls in hot water, the amount that could be recovered in the washing process decreased significantly.

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