Here’s how to get the best start to your Singapore business: 1.

Get a business licence 2.

Apply for a business license 3.

Apply to the Singapore Business Licensing Board 4.

Apply and pay the licensing fee 5.

Take out a credit card and set up a bank account and start receiving payments 6.

Take money out of your account for small or regular expenses 7.

Pay off debt and put money into your business 8.

Make a profit from your business 9.

Get your business approved for Singapore’s Business Development Loan Scheme 10.

Get the right loan from your loan broker 11.

Get approval for your business licence 12.

Apply, pay and be approved 13.

Apply again 14.

Get an extension to your licence 15.

Renew your licence 18.

Complete all the steps above, including getting a business plan, website, contact details and a contact person, for your new business to open and be licensed 19.

Set up a business bank account 20.

Receive a payment to your bank account for the cost of your new licence 21.

Complete your business plan 22.

Apply as a business 21st Century Singapore – Singapore Business Development Licence Grant Guide (PDF, 1.5 MB) 23.

Find out how to apply for a Business Development License (PDF) 24.

How to apply to the Business Development Board 25.

How Singapore’s businesses can start receiving a Business License Grant (PDF ) 26.

Find your nearest business development licence branch 27.

Find a business development license provider 28.

Get more information about Singapore Business License Scheme (PDF , 837 KB) 29.

Get advice and help with getting a Business Licence Scheme (pdf, 1 MB) 30.

Learn more about how Singapore businesses can set up and operate in Singapore 31.

Find more business licence advice here 32.

Find an online business loan provider here 33.

Find the best business loan broker here

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