From the June 2018 issue of USA Today:A new kind of microwave can be just as good as its plastic predecessor, but it’s no longer manufactured in China.

Steel tubes are being used instead.

“This new technology is the answer to a problem that has long vexed the steel industry, and the answer has been to replace the metal tube with stainless steel,” said Kevin J. Wasserstein, executive vice president of research and development at Steel Fiber Technologies Inc. “It’s a much more cost-effective way to manufacture a microwave that’s going to be much more durable than plastic and will last a much longer period of time.”

The new microwave is called the stainless steel microwave and it can be built with either steel or aluminum tubes.

It can produce power of up to 600 watts (250 microwatts), according to Steel Fiber.

The new microwave was tested in an experiment at a facility in Southfield, Mich., where it’s manufactured in-house and is tested for safety, reliability and performance.

It will be offered in a variety of sizes, with a minimum of two tubes.

The tubes are spaced at a length of 15 inches (41 centimeters).

The tubes can be attached to the sides or top of the microwave, and a wire that runs through them connects the tube to a ground outlet.

The microwave will then be powered by an AC adapter or an AC wall outlet.

The stainless steel and aluminum are made at the U.S. Steel Corporation’s mill in Troy, Mich.

The stainless steel is manufactured at the same facility in China and the aluminum is manufactured in Mexico.

The microwave is expected to start shipping to customers in 2021, according to a press release from Steel Fiber and Steel Fiber Manufacturing Co. The company said the microwave will include features like a built-in power outlet, two heat exchangers, and four heaters, along with temperature control for temperature and humidity.

It’s also designed to withstand an extended period of use, and it’s compatible with the latest microwave technology.

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