Lexington Steele is the latest politician to use his power to promote the use of lexington, an online tool developed by former NSA employee Edward Snowden to target Russian operatives.

The tool is also a tool that the US government has used to target suspected Russian spies in a broader effort to gather intelligence.

Steele’s campaign website includes an embedded video of him using the tool, which is not available in English.

In it, he says he has “used lexington to track down people and places who may be trying to influence American voters in the 2016 election.”

Steele also explains the tool and its capabilities on his website, which also includes a video showing him using it in a recent speech.

He says the tool is being used in the US to monitor “a large range of Russian activity and activities in this election cycle,” including cyberattacks, leaks and disinformation campaigns.

The video, which was originally uploaded to YouTube on November 11, 2016, was later removed from the site.

Steele’s use of the tool came under scrutiny in March, when the Senate Intelligence Committee released a report saying Steele used it to track the activities of Russian hackers during the 2016 presidential election.

“The Senate Intelligence report was a very thorough investigation into the extent to which the Russian government is using cyberattacks to influence our elections,” Steele said at the time.

“This report shows that the intelligence community has a lot more work to do to understand and counter these activities and that Russia is using this tool to conduct cyberattacks against the United States and our allies.”

A spokesperson for the House Intelligence Committee, which recently released its report, did not immediately respond to Breitbart News’ request for comment.

Stakeholders in Russia, including the country’s intelligence services, have long argued that the tool was used to influence the US election and that it is now being used to further their interests.

Stearns, the former intelligence official, told Breitbart News in January that “Lexington Stalker” was an attempt to “disrupt the election by targeting Russian agents who are trying to manipulate American voters.”

The report also stated that “a number of people who are part of the intelligence apparatus in Russia were targeted with the tool,” and Steele “sought out the information” on Russian officials who were targeted.

Starets testimony to the House panel also described how Steele tracked down an American woman who was a Russian intelligence operative.

The woman, who is now in her 60s, “was contacted by Steele via a private Facebook group that was created specifically for Russia-related discussions and discussion of issues of national security and foreign policy,” the report stated.

“Lexington Street Stalker,” which was developed by Snowden, is a free tool that uses data collected by the NSA, and it was designed by Snowden to track Russian spies during the election, Steele told Breitbart.

The company claims it is “a tool designed for intelligence agencies to help them understand Russian communications and political activity.”

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