By James Reynolds BBC Sport 1 Steel toe.

You have seen them all.

A little bit of toe on the left side of your foot.

They’re the kind of things you might find on the side of the foot you have when walking.

They can look a little bit weird, but that’s just a part of the game of footy.

So why not make them more attractive to fans with the steel toe?

It’s the most popular shoe in the game, and the one that is most often worn by AFL players.

That is why the steel foot is an obvious choice.

It looks more natural, and less threatening.

Steel toe is the most common shoe in footy, with the majority of the AFL players sporting them.

Here’s why it works It’s not just the toe, it’s the sole, too.

Steeltoe shoes are a bit like a tennis shoe.

When the sole is stiffened, it will flex a little more.

The result is a smoother feel.

The more you put pressure on it, the smoother the sole will feel.

It’s more comfortable too, which can make a difference.

It also adds weight, and it makes for a more attractive shoe to wear.

But what makes it more appealing than just wearing a tennis boot is the toe.

The toe is where the energy comes from, and if you’ve got the toe in place, it really does make a world of difference.

The best way to describe it is like a high heel.

It makes the toe appear more natural.

And it gives it a little extra bite.

The downside of steel toe shoes is that they are not as versatile.

If you want to wear them in more of a traditional foot-to-toe style, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

But for people who love the thrill of the chase, the steeltoe shoe is a great option.

The footstrike and toe strike are very similar When you look at the toe strike, you can see that it is the same toe as the steel heel.

But the footstrike is different.

The difference is that the toe is made up of two sections.

These sections are called the tibia and fibula.

The tibia is made of fibres and is attached to the bone, which is the sole of the shoe.

The fibula, on the other hand, is made from the bone and is not attached to anything.

The main difference is the tibial and fibular sections of the toe are made from different materials.

When you’re watching the game from the stands, it is more likely that the ball will be on a particular part of your feet.

But in real life, it depends on the angle of the shot, the height of the ball and the direction the ball is travelling.

For example, a high shot from behind the opposition will be a high tibia strike.

A shot from the goal will be lower tibia.

It could be a toe strike too.

When it comes to the toe of the steel shoe, it makes the toes appear more unnatural, which makes it easier to see where a player is at the time of a kick.

So it makes sense to make it more attractive for fans.

If it looks natural, you should be able to see it The steel toe is a popular shoe for AFL players to wear, but there are a number of other shoe styles that could make an appearance in the future.

It is a shoe that could also become a big trend in the next few years.

The next step in the evolution of footwear is the introduction of the new synthetic foot, or super high-heel.

This shoe is designed to help players keep the weight off their feet during the game.

It has the same sole as the Steel toe, and has a much longer heel.

This will make it easier for players to keep the ball on their feet, even when they are kicking and tackling.

It would also be a good choice for those who want to add some extra support to their kicks, which could include some extra padding around the heel and the toe to make them less slippery.

The new super high heel is a big step forward The introduction of a new shoe style could mean the introduction or evolution of a whole new shoe.

In the past, we’ve seen the introduction and evolution of the Super High Heel.

That was a shoe which had the heel of a football.

It had a bit of a wedge shape, which was a bit uncomfortable for players.

But with the introduction, we have seen the development of the shoes which have the toe as part of their sole.

This means that the shoe has an increased heel, which allows the players to move the ball faster and more effectively.

The Super High heel is designed specifically for AFL footy players, but could also be introduced for other sports.

The super high shoe is just one of the potential shoe styles to come with the AFL Footy 2017.

It may not have the look of a steel toe, but it

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