President Donald Trump’s new “dossier” on Russian spies allegedly contains “dirt” on Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama, according to an analysis of the document by Breitbart News.

Breitbart News first reported the document on Monday.

“The Trump-Dossier contains a lot of unverified information about former Trump campaign officials, Russian operatives, and others who were linked to the Trump campaign,” an unidentified author wrote in the document, which was published by Buzzfeed on Monday night.

“It also contains a number of salacious allegations and links that the Trump-dossier has been peddling for years.

The document contains unverified allegations that are very dangerous to the US.

The FBI and intelligence community will do everything they can to prevent this document from being used to harm America’s democracy.”

The author, who has not been identified, was quoted by BuzzFeed as saying, “This is a major political win for the Clinton campaign and will be used by the media to make the case for their campaign and to attack the Trump administration.

I believe this is a serious document that needs to be exposed.”

The document was obtained by Buzznet and published by on Monday, and it also included allegations about Russian hacking efforts and Trump campaign advisers, including Carter Page.

“This dossier contains a very serious allegation against President Trump,” the author said, “which is a violation of the US Constitution.

It also contains links to the Clinton Foundation and the Obama administration, which are also highly damaging.”

Trump, for his part, has denied the allegations, saying, “[I]t’s all fake news.”

“The phony Trump-Russia story is an excuse for the Democrats and the media, who want to distract from the real Russia story: A huge election fraud,” Trump tweeted Monday morning.

“Democrat leaders, from Obama, Clinton, Schumer, Pelosi, etc., want to keep the Dems in power by rigging the election!”

“The fake Trump-Russian story is a excuse for President Trump and his allies to blame Russia for the election loss,” the President tweeted.

“I am calling it Fake News!


“Trump and his supporters are doing everything they Can to Destroy the Trump Presidency,” the document reads.

“All this Fake News is a big win for Dems.

Now it’s time for Democrats to put our country first and get out the vote!”

A number of sources confirmed to Breitbart News that the document is a “dirty dossier” published by BuzzFeed News and is not a copy of the infamous Steele dossier.

Buzzfeed’s report has sparked controversy in the White House, as Trump has repeatedly attacked BuzzFeed as a “disgrace” and a “sleaze” that has been widely discredited.

The dossier was originally published in January 2018, months after Trump took office.

BuzzFeed News, which is owned by BuzzFeed, reported that the information contained in the dossier was “significant” and “inconsistent” with intelligence sources.

BuzzFeed did not provide details about the dossier’s contents, but the document does reference the “crowd-sourced dossier” created by a former British spy, Christopher Steele, that reportedly included “credible allegations of extensive Russian collusion.”

BuzzFeed News reported that Steele was a former MI6 officer and that Steele is a former UK intelligence officer, and he had been hired by BuzzFeed to write the “dirty dossier.”

BuzzFeed has since been contacted by a number congressional committees, including House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, who requested documents about the “Dirty Dossier” during an interview with Breitbart News’ Jim Hoft on Sunday.

Nunes also tweeted on Sunday that he had seen the “fake dossier” and he was “looking into it.”

“It’s now clear that it’s a fake document,” Nunes said, referencing the “Trump-Dirtie” document.

“They are making it up, as they always do.

They are trying to get Congress to believe the Russian government is behind this.”

Nunes said he is “deeply troubled” by the “vast majority” of the “intelligence” contained in Steele’s “counseled memos,” and he said the committee “will continue to look into the content of the ‘dossier.'”

The dossier, according the BuzzFeed report, includes information that “cannot be verified, and was compiled with the cooperation of senior Russian intelligence officials.”

“I’ve read the dossier and the contents of the memos,” Nunes told Hoft.

“And I’m concerned that the Steele memos have some of the same information in them.

I’ve also read the documents in question.

And I have concerns about what’s in the memos.”

Nunes also added, “I’m looking at all the intelligence that has come to light, and I’m very concerned about the accuracy of it.”

Hoft also asked Nunes whether he would be willing to subpoena the Steele dossier and other documents about Trump and Russia.

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