The Gamergate controversy started as a hashtag campaign in 2014, with gamers calling out a video game developer, a journalist, and the man who made Steel Wheels, a popular Lego toy line.

In August, the campaign reached a new highpoint when Zoe Quinn, the writer of the popular indie game Depression Quest, tweeted a video showing her and a friend on a plane, in which she told the plane’s stewardess that she was a gamer and wanted to play a game called Depression Quest.

On October 4, Quinn tweeted a photo of her playing a game in which a character named “Mr. Big” can beat her.

The next day, a few dozen Twitter users began retweeting the account.

In the weeks following the election of Donald Trump, Gamergate’s most popular hashtag was #NeverTrump, a reference to the idea that the alt-right, an online movement of white supremacists, would not vote for Trump.

This month, as the #Gamergate hashtag became a trending topic on Twitter, the hashtag became synonymous with misogyny and the harassment of women.

Gamergate was a hashtag created by men, and it was used to attack women who had criticized the movement, and to highlight the misogynistic nature of the movement’s supporters.

Its hashtag also made it a safe space for men to harass and threaten women online.

The #GamerGate hashtag was used by men to attack a woman who criticized them, and by the movement itself to attack other women.

“The Gamergate movement was an alt-left movement,” said Katherine Cross, an associate professor of communications at Northwestern University and a feminist and gamer.

“Its primary purpose was to attack the alt right.

It was designed to attack white women, specifically, in a way that it’s not designed to target men.”

In August 2016, Quinn and a female colleague wrote a blog post that included an image of themselves in a game, wearing a mask and holding a gun.

In it, Quinn wrote that the image was a way of expressing her frustration with the misogynist harassment she had experienced online.

“This image, along with others like it, served as a reminder that even in a movement that purports to defend women’s rights, we have yet to address the misogynists’ disproportionate and systematic abuse of women,” she wrote.

She then used the image in a subsequent tweet to attack her.

“What a shitty job you did of trying to make a woman feel bad,” Quinn wrote.

“It was like you made a joke out of the trauma of being raped, which is totally normal.

What a shitty fucking job you were doing.

You need to be ashamed of yourself.”

A month later, in an attempt to discredit Quinn’s credibility, one of her former co-workers, Jenn Frank, said that Quinn had written a letter in which her mother had expressed concerns about her mental health and that Quinn herself had told her that she had a boyfriend and that she did not want to be seen as a feminist.

On November 18, the day after the election, the New York Times published an article by Quinn in which Quinn blamed her ex-boyfriend, who she had met through a game developer called Destructoid, for her depression and harassment.

Quinn told the Times that she wrote the article “to make people feel bad.”

Quinn and her co-author, game critic Anita Sarkeesian, said in a statement to the Times: “It’s clear that Quinn’s anger, resentment, and hatred for the Gamergate community have led her to try to distance herself from the movement.

We are not trying to blame her.

We believe it was entirely her choice to write the article.

In our opinion, her anger, and her continued harassment, are not the same as the movement she started.”

On November 23, the Washington Post published an excerpt from an email in which Sarkeesians, Quinn, and another person who works at her company, Giant Spacekat, sent a letter to the Washington City Paper saying that “there is evidence to support the notion that Quinn has used Gamergate to discredit and silence women.”

Quinn wrote in the email that she would be contacting them in private, but that she hoped that the city would be interested in seeing their letter.

On December 15, Sarkeesis posted a video titled “Rape Culture and the New Video Games Industry,” in which the author showed a screenshot of a tweet from one of Quinn’s ex-co-workers.

In that tweet, she said that she and another developer, Brianna Wu, were having an affair.

She wrote: “The problem here is that these people are making up a story about me, claiming that they know I’ve been raped, and I’m being blamed for it.

It’s really upsetting.

I’m trying to put my heart into the video, but I don’t want to take a job that’s going to make me feel like a liar.

It feels like a double standard, and this is not the first time I’ve faced

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