A rare example of a steel sword that melted in a furnace is now on display in a gallery in the Chicago museum where it was made.

The rare steel sword is part of a collection of swords and daggers that belonged to the French emperor Charles V. The sword is called the “cold steel” and is one of a handful of items that were actually made in the United States during the American Revolution.

It was one of the first weapons to be produced in America in 1778.

It is part.

of a series of Cold Steel swords, daggers and weapons from the 19th century that are part of the Smithsonian’s Cold Steel Sword Collection, the Smithsonian Institute said Thursday.

The collection includes swords made by the German swordsmith Johann Georges Pompadour, who lived from 1799 to 1822.

The Pompads swords, called Pompaddres, were produced in Germany from 1798 to 1803 and are considered among the most prized swords in the world, according to the National Gallery of Art.

One of the Pompadhres is a “warm steel” sword that has an etched blade with a large cross on its hilt, with a metal shield and a small iron sword guard.

The other is a sword made in England in 1798.

The cold steel sword in the gallery in Chicago is the first sword in this collection.

It has an engraved blade with an iron shield and an iron sword grip.

The “cold sword” is made from steel that was heated to around 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit.

The hot steel sword weighs about 9.5 pounds.

The museum said that it plans to display more of the items in the future.

It said it was created to showcase the sword’s importance in the history of the Revolution.

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