As the NFL playoffs approached, the players’ union, representing players and their families, had an ambitious plan to raise the bar.

The league needed more players, and more money.

The union’s hope was to make sure that players had a voice in the league, and that it would help them get more money to buy food and clothing and other essentials.

As it happened, that’s exactly what happened.

The players’ team is the NFL Players Association.

It is, in fact, the NFLPA.

But it’s not the league’s.

The NFL’s owners have an exclusive negotiating authority over the players, making it impossible for the union to negotiate on behalf of players.

And unlike the NFL, the union has never had to do so, because it has exclusive negotiating power over the NFL.

In the last decade, the number of players in the NFL has increased from roughly 1 million in 2000 to more than 2 million today.

So it’s the owners who control the players.

But the players have long complained about how they are often overlooked in the negotiations.

So the union created the Players Association of the NFL in 2012, as a way to increase the number and prominence of the players in negotiations and give players a voice.

Now the union is taking on the NFL and its owners.

How did it happen?

The league’s owners, including owners such as Joe and David Koch, are huge supporters of the union.

The Kochs are the billionaires behind Koch Industries, the Koch brothers’ private-equity firm.

They own the Denver Broncos, a professional sports team that is among the NFL’s most popular teams.

The billionaire brothers are big supporters of President Donald Trump.

The sports teams that are their biggest employers are also the most profitable.

And the Kochs have a history of trying to get big-ticket contracts from big-name players.

For instance, the brothers are reportedly the ones who pushed for the expansion of the NHL to Los Angeles in 1994.

The brothers were the ones behind the so-called “Tampa Bay Strikers” of the 1980s.

The Strikies were a group of players that went on to play in the NHL for a few years.

The owners, meanwhile, were very supportive of the Koch-backed efforts to make the NHL more competitive, and to make players more attractive to teams and franchises.

The NHL’s owners also helped pay for the stadium project for the 2012 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

It was a project by the Canadian-based company, the B.C. government, which paid the NHL and the NHLPA a combined $2.7 billion for the games.

But as the games started, the NHL’s leaders realized they needed to make concessions to get the games moved to the Olympic Stadium.

The owner-operator meetings that were held to try to hammer out the concessions quickly became the epicenter of the owners’ power.

The NBA had a similar problem in 2010, when it agreed to move the 2012 All-Star Game to Boston from Charlotte, North Carolina, because the owners had decided to move games to Miami and Tampa.

And in 2011, the owners tried to get a deal on a new arena in Los Angeles for the Lakers, which was rejected by the city.

They were also worried about how the new arena would affect the popularity of the Los Angeles Kings.

The New York Jets had their own problem: the owners wanted to move a game to New York City.

But a series of events led to the league ultimately allowing the Jets to play there in 2019.

The biggest issue for the NFL was the owners.

The leagues owners, and the owners in general, were the biggest financial players in all of sports.

They are the people who make all the money in the sport.

The more money that a team makes, the bigger the paycheck to the owner.

So they want to make money.

But they also want to have a voice, and they want the league to listen to them.

So, it was an absolute challenge to convince the owners to give the league a voice and negotiate with players.

So that’s what the Players’ Association did.

They put together a strategy to build the NFL into a much bigger entity, to create a bigger union that would negotiate for players.

They got the NFL to take on a greater role.

The goal was to increase leverage on the owners, who are much bigger than the owners themselves.

And this was something that the players wanted.

The most prominent player in the union, former Indianapolis Colts star Mike Ditka, said the goal was, “We want to be a player-owned league, a league where players have a say.”

But that’s not what the owners said.

The way the league handled the issue was, you know, they had to listen.

And it was their response.

So there was a sense that the owners were going to respond to what the players were saying.

The problem was, they didn’t listen.

They said, we’re not going to negotiate with you.

And they were right. In 2015

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