Now that the curtain for the new Lucy Tower has been cast, some Lucy residents have had a little fun with it.

The steel curtain is cast by hand in the steelworks of Lucy, Wales, using only a few basic skills and a few tools that are not normally used to cast steel.

It has a simple shape and a sturdy weight.

And the result is the most stunning and awe-inspiring thing that I have ever seen in my life.

Here are some pictures of the cast of the curtain:Lucy’s steel curtain cast by local craftspeople. 

It’s an impressive sight, and we’re happy to report that it is also the only steel curtain to have been cast by people who do not own a studio, shop or art gallery.

Lucy Tower is set to be the world’s tallest building when completed, and has already received a lot of attention for its size.

It will be the largest steel structure ever built, and will have a height of about 1,000 feet (350 meters).

But for now, it is the only one that has been constructed with steel.

Lucy’s cast steel curtain was made using a single basic steelworking skill, and that includes casting.

Lu, who is the mayor of Lucien-la-Bouillabaisse, France, has made a point of making the castings available for anyone to watch and take part in.

But they can only be seen in person at the Lucienne Steel Works in Luciene, Wales.

And they are not free.

According to the Luceswales Daily Mail, the cast is “free to the public” but only those who “pay the £200 fee to take part.”

Lu is hoping that the cast will help promote his village and the Luys Steel Mill.

Lu says that he hopes to raise the money to build a steel sculpture of the building.

He says that “I would like to show the world that there are people who are very passionate about the steel industry and it is a privilege to be a part of it.”

The cast of a Lucy steel curtain.

Lu has cast the curtain using only one basic steel-casting technique: casting in the same way that the steel itself is cast.

The casting is very simple, and it takes about 10 minutes.

Lu says that the casting process is “almost painless” and he is “really happy that this is something that I can show my children.”

Lu says he hopes that the production of the steel curtain will help make Lucy “a world-class steel town” and that it will “be a reminder of the great work of the Lulys steel mill.”

Lu says in an interview with The Daily Mail that the local Luys mill is a “very important part of the village.”

He also says that Luys steel is a source of pride for the town and that “the mill produces so much steel and we know that it’s very important to us.” 

Lu says he’s hoping that “it will help Luys to be able to have a stronger sense of pride in the mill and also to give it more of a future.”

Lu also says in the interview that he’s not planning on casting his own steel curtain any time soon.

But he says that when he has the chance, he will.

“I’m a very busy person and it will be great if I could see the curtain of steel that was cast by other people,” he says.

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